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Well the Orioles had a tough loss tonight, but I had an amazing time with my family at Game 1 of the ALDS!! Aaaand apparently my family and I made it onto National TV for a minute while cheering!! Haha-- sweet! LET'S GO O'S!
After 15 years, the Orioles have DONE IT!! We are in the ALDS!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! I'm going to Game #1 tomorrow with my brothers and my Dad and I cannot express how happy I am to be sharing this moment with them!! Oct 19 marks 1 year since my Mom's death, and this month was penned to be really shitty. But, instead, the Orioles have shined a light onto us and brought joy back into our lives. I am so happy for my Baltimore Orioles! They defied the odds and showed all the haters that they are WINNERS! I'm sure the Yankees are shitting their pants because WE JUST WON'T GO AWAY!!! THey clinched the playoff spot while on a plane to Texas, so tomorrow will be the first time they can celebrate the post season with their fans. This is going to be O'MAZING!! I just know I'm going to cry, lol. My Dad us ecstatic... he bought tickets to 3 ALCS games today. He said this is what the Orioles were like when he was growing up, and he's so glad he can share this feeling and excitement with all of his kiddos who love the O's just as much as he does. I love the history of my Baltimore Orioles SOO SOO MUCH!! We have season tickets for Sunday game next year because next year will be just as fantastic-- I know it!!


Sooo this is my alma mater. So weird.... I was wondering where "the next shooting" would be... little did I know it'd be my old high school! I hear the kid is no longer in critical condition and had surgery. The shooters facebook said "First day of school, last day of my life." His "job" was "murder suicide" at the Manson Family. Due to the heroics efforts of a guidance counselor (alumni Jesse Wasmer) and teacher, only 1 person was shot and the shooter didn't have enough time to turn the gun. Everyone is pretty shocked... the neighborhood has always been nice, everyone knows everyone, and the school itself is really good. The only problem we ever had there was over-crowding (2200 students) and random fist fights. There's a FB page organizing a get-together Friday evening to join in solitude against bullying + parents having a good relationship with their kids, etc.

All the fucking people that use the term "raging" can go rage off a cliff.

Most depressing New Years ever... all I can think about is that this will be the first year my Mom isn't here. This is the first year I will be without her. I tried to be joyful when the ball dropped, but I couldn't help myself from crying. I'm way more depressed today than I was on Christmas or Thanksgiving. =/
Today I am thankful for the 26 years and 8 months (minus those first 9 months) I got to spend with my Mommy.

And for everyone in my life, near or far, close or not-as-close, because I love ya all the same. <3
Can't wait to start earning a paycheck and living the way I wanna live!!
I thought I was going to have to borrow someone's towel to cry in, but then Rookie Torrey Smith finally redeems himself with a TD at 8 seconds left to go! GO RAVENS! SWEPT THOSE STEELERS!!!

Ohhh man, this beer makes me feel 2 emotions: happy or angry. SO HAPPYYYY!!!


After 3 beers, I just HAD to go next door for 2 celebratory tequila shots!! CHYYEEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was watching some baby show and this girl and her husband had their mother's in the room... I couldn't help it. All I could think about was my Mom not being here anymore and that she won't be there to help with the birth of my baby and that my kid(s) won't ever have her in their life/lives. Can't help but sob right now at the thought.... I wanted things to be so different :( I /LONGSIGH a lot... and Nick always asks me what I'm thinking when I do bc it's usually a thought about my Mom.... the sigh is just a natural reaction/ me trying not to cry/ me trying to shove the thought away for the moment. It's just unbelievable... one day I can talk WITH her, and the next I just CAN'T. I talk TO her all the time, though.... bahhh.